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New Moroccan Stencils

Our fantastic new Moroccan Stencils are inspired by the tiles and ceramics of Morocco, North Africa and beyond. This range includes 8 new single motif and repeat pattern designs for floors, walls and fabrics born from Henny's inspirational time in Morocco gathering design sources, drawing and soaking in the Moroccan way of life.

The Stencils....

Moroccan Arabesque Stencil

The graceful Moroccan Arabesque Stencil blends influences across North Africa and Arabia in a beautifully delicate geometric tile design. Perfect for walls, floors, cushions, bags and more. A lovely design that is easy to stencil too!

Use the Moroccan Arabesque Stencil design as a stand alone motif or as a beautiful tile effect repeat for walls and floors.


Moroccan Arabesque Border Stencil

The small Moroccan Arabesque Border Stencil perfectly compliments the Moroccan Arabesque Stencil. This beautifully delicate, ornate border is perfect for walls, floors, fabrics and accessories.

The Moroccan Arabesque Border Stencil creates a delicate edging wherever used and is easy to use with helpful registration dots for repeat alignment. Stencil in blocks for full-on effects!


Classic Moroccan Stencil

The Classic Moroccan Stencil is a stunning geometric design inspired by the tiles and ceramics from Morocco and beyond. Perfect for strong and dynamic geometric decorating, as a graphic single image or repeated to form a magical network of lines and patterns.

Stencil the Classic Moroccan Stencil in monochrome palettes or bright jewel like hues for a really sunny feel.


Classic Moroccan Border Stencil

The fantastic Classic Moroccan Border Stencil is inspired by Moroccan tiles. Its classic interlocking and overlapping lines surrounding eight pointed stars and floral motifs look brilliant stencilled in neutral tones or brightly coloured hues..



Small Classic Moroccan Stencil

The Small Classic Moroccan Stencil, a smaller version of the Classic Moroccan Stencil, is a beautiful geometric design of intricate interlocking lines and patterns.

Stencil the Small Classic Moroccan Stencil in monochrome or harmonising palettes or bright jewel like hues for pops of colour.

Use the Small Classic Moroccan Stencil as a graphic single image on cards and accessories.


Large Moroccan Ornamental Tile Design Stencil

The Large Moroccan Ornamental Tile Design Stencil is an impressive classical tile design inspired by traditional tiles and ceramics from Morocco, North Africa and the Mediterranean.
This large easy repeat tile design will create real impact and style on any floor or wall. Ideal for giving a sense of structure and dynamism to expansive open spaces.

The Large Moroccan Ornamental Tile Design Stencil is the full repeat (4 quarters) version of this design available on one large sheet with registration dots for easy alignment.  This design is also available as a quarter rotating repeat - see below.

Moroccan Ornamental Tile Stencil Design (rotating 1/4 repeat)

Moroccan Ornamental Tile Design Stencil Rotating Repeat - this impressive classical tile design comes as a quarter tile repeat which rotates in quarter turns to create a whole pattern repeat (like real ceramic tiles do), allowing you to create real tile effects for walls and floors. Great for budget decorating or where you have more time on your hands!  Or for smaller more confined spaces.

Moroccan Ornamental Border Stencil

Inspired by Moroccan tiles the Moroccan Ornamental Border Stencil combines simple curves and ornate arabesque motifs to create this bold classical border design.

The Moroccan Ornamental Border Stencil is designed to be used on its own or to perfectly edge the Moroccan Ornamental Tile Design Stencils.

This border design lends itself to a range of colour treatments from bright jewel-like tones, to subtly contrasting palettes, to single colour applications.

Moroccan Filigree Border & Corner Stencil

The elegant filigree Moroccan Border and Corner Stencil is brilliant for both walls and floors. The graceful open lines of the filigree stencil give a pleasing and authentic Moroccan styled edging for small and large areas.


Henny's Moroccan Blog - the Tile Story

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