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Navajo & Mexicana Stencil Range

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Aztec Border Stencil

Navajo Intarsia Stencil

Small Navajo Firecreek Stencil

Navajo Chevron Border Stencil

North Plains Border Stencil

The Navajo & Mexicana Stencil Range

Introducing the Navajo & Mexicana Stencil Range from Henny Donovan - 11 exciting designs inspired by Navajo First Nation textiles, rugs and horse be used individually, brilliant in their own right, or great intermixed in multiple pattern combinations - the choice is yours!

The Stencils.....

Navajo Blackrock Motif Stencil

Striking motif stencil for use as a single motif design or as a repeated tile type design - ideal for floors and walls.

Navajo Blackrock Motif Stencil. The stencil comes with easy to use registration dots making repeating the design simple and quick!

Navajo Four Corners Stencil

A fantastically simple and stylish design to use as a single motif stencil or repeated as a stunning repeat tile design for floors and walls.  The stencil comes with useful registration dots so repeating the design is easy!

Navajo Four Corners Stencil. Use this stencil as repeat design or with our other Navajo Stencils for creative wall hangings!

Large Navajo Firecreek Theme Pack Stencil

This theme pack contains three striking and adaptable motifs on one sheet - a large chevron border, two corner flecks and the large firecreek motif - which allow you to create a range of authentic designs and pattern contrasts. Ideal for themed rooms, or for introducing a Navajo pattern element on beautifully stencilled accessories. 

Large Navajo Firecreek Theme Pack Stencil. Use the motifs from the Large Navajo Firecreek Theme Pack with the Navajo Intarsia Stencil to create this stylish floor cloth - or use the firecreek motif of this theme pack in bright colours for a dynamic cushion cover.  The Navajo Range is ideal for combination stencil projects - the easy to use stencils will help you create quick on-trend transformations.

Navajo Intarsia Stencil

Use this versatile stencil for wall hangings, floor cloths, as a deep border or on cushions, throws and accessories.

Navajo Intarsia Stencil.

Mexicana Border Stencil

The Mexicana Border Stencil is a dramatic geometric design with small layer two and layer three pattern details for added dimension.                                        
The striking Mexicana Border Stencil - an authentic Mexican style border - is perfect for transforming plain walls and adding stylish, colourful effects to walls, floors, fabrics and accessories.


Aztec Border Stencil

The Aztec Border Stencil is a striking border design - great for adding drama and colour to walls and floors.  Use this border design in combinations of bright or muted tone-on-tone palettes for a range of different finishes.


Broken Arrow Border Stencil Theme Pack

The Broken Arrow Border Theme Pack comprises 2 different border motifs and several diamond style motifs for adding flecks of interest. Use the different motifs of this theme pack to create a wide range of decorative touches on walls, floors and fabrics - use the broken arrow border motif or chevron border motif for different style statements and the diamond style pattern fleck motifs for creating asymmetrical authentic pattern and sand painting designs.


Navajo Chevron Border

A fantastically striking border stencil to use in blocks or as single row repeats or to frame our other Navajo Stencils.

Navajo Chevron Border Stencil.

Small Navajo Firecreek Stencil

Small striking single motif stencil for adding dramatic effects to plain walls, fabrics and clothing.

Small Navajo Firecreek Stencil. Use in bright colours or graphic single colour palettes.  Great for bringing T-shirts bang up to date!

High Ridge Border & Corner Stencil

Designed as an edging border the High Ridge Border & Corner Stencil is perfect used to surround and frame our other Navajo Stencils on floors, panels and wall hangings.

The High Ridge Border & Corner Stencil - repeated in concentric formation.

This simple border adds the perfect finish to plain painted or patterned areas.

North Plains Border Stencil

The authentic North Plains Border Stencil has been designed as a simple edging border to be used on its own or in conjunction with our other Navajo Stencils. Great on floors, panels and wall hangings.

North Plains Border Stencil. This stencil can be used in single rows or in concentric layouts in mirror image style.

Use bold striking colours or harmonising colour palettes for this range of stencils.

The North Plains Border Stencil makes a fantastic edging above and below repeats of the Navajo Blackrock Motif Stencil. 



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