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Toile & Chinoiserie Stencils


Unique Toile & Chinoiserie Stencils from Henny Donovan

Toile de Jouy and Chinoiserie are very much in vogue at the moment and Motif has some beautiful and original designs from Henny Donovan that perfectly fit the mood for today's interior styles. New to our catalogue are the large Coastal Toile Stencil, Toile Sail Boats Stencil and Toile Lighthouse Stencil, as well as our new Coastal Birds Stencils.

We are also reintroducing our Countryside Toile Stencil which has been digitally re-mastered, along with countryside motifs taken from this design - the Toile Duck Pond Stencil, Toile Shepherdess Stencil, Toile Windmill & Horses Stencil, Toile Courting Couple Stencil and Toile Oast House Stencil.

See also our fabulous full drop Chinoiserie Stencils 1 and 2 and scenic Oversize Chinese Ravine Stencil and Chinese Ravine Stencil, which Homes & Gardens magazine featured in a classic blue and white toile scheme.

See our Toile & Chinoiserie Gallery and Prices or scroll down for inspiring pictures of this diverse range.

Toile & Chinoiserie Stencils

1. Chinoiserie Stencils

Our Chinoiserie Stencils include our beautiful full drop stencil panels Chinoiserie Stencil 1 (right), Chinoiserie Stencil 2 (middle) and Oversize Chinese Ravine Stencil (left. Now made to order). These carefully crafted stencils are based on original hand painted Chinese wall paper panels. These tall stencils are perfect for impressive Chinese wallpaper panel style decorating. Chinoiserie Stencils 1 & 2 can now be purchased as a discounted pair.

2. Small Chinoiserie Stencil

The Small Chinoiserie Stencil is perfect for decorating panels, blinds, cupboard doors and upholstery fabrics. This stencil is great if you don't want the full drop chinoiserie effect, but want to decorate smaller items.

3. Chinese Ravine Stencil

The Chinese Ravine Stencil, as featured in the Homes & Gardens article August 2012 (left) - is a beautiful chinoiserie style pictorial toile stencil. This exquisitely detailed scene shows a secluded mountain retreat, blossom and pine trees in a mountain ravine, above a lake with a passing fishing boat. The Chinese Ravine Stencil is an ideal scenic stencil for cabinets, screens and decorative panels, or for stencilling fabric seat covers and cushions, or simply for printing an elegant piece for framing. This stencil is now available again as a Made to Order Stencil.

4. Countryside Toile Stencil

Introducing the digitally re-mastered Countryside Toile Stencil - a stunning repeat stencil for walls and fabrics. The intricacy of classic Toile de Jouy is perfectly captured here in this large detailed stencil, depicting 10 individual pictorial countryside motifs combined in one stylish repeat design. 
The Countryside Toile Stencil is ideal for covering wall areas - wallpaper style - or for drops of fabric for drapes, curtains, blinds and other linens. Very much in vogue - toile can be stencilled in classic reds and blues on white or ivory.  Read on for information about our Individual Toile Stencils taken from the Countryside Toile Stencil.

5. Toile Shepherdess Stencil and Toile Windmill & Horses Stencil

The charming Toile Windmill & Horses Stencil is one of a selection of individual Toile du Jouy Stencils available, taken from our popular large Countryside Toile Stencil. This single motif is ideal for random repeats, or for decorating with other individual toile motifs. This design looks beautiful stencilled onto both walls and fabric for drapes, cushion and seat covers in classic blues, reds and taupes.

The rural Toile Shepherdess Stencil with her flock of sheep and familiar shepherdess crook is a classic toile pictorial figure - great for decorating individual country styled motifs on cushions, chair covers, fabrics for curtains and more.

6. Individual Toile Stencils

Individual Toile Stencils taken from the Countryside Stencil include the Toile Duck Pond Stencil, Toile Oast House Stencil, Toile Courting Couple Stencil, Toile Shepherdess Stencil and Toile Windmill & Horses Stencils.

Fantastic Coastal Toile Stencils

1. Coastal Toile Stencil

This brilliantly detailed large Coastal Toile Stencil is an absolute must for creating on trend coastal style. Classic blues and whites with faded reds, styled with bleached wooden panelling and classic ticking give this look a pared down classic and contemporary feel.

Use the Coastal Toile Stencil as single motif (shown above) for cushion covers or pictorial effects or as a repeat design to create stunning hand printed wallpaper effects and beautiful curtains and blinds.

2. Toile Sail Boats Stencil 

Create on trend coastal style with our new Toile Sail Boats Stencil, a single motif sail boats design taken from our large Coastal Toile Stencil. The maritime charm of this stencil is fantastic for decorating coastal inspired rooms - use it on walls, hand printed cushion covers, in old wooden frames or to decorate toy boxes and to compliment the Coastal Toile Stencil.

3. Toile Lighthouse Stencil

The classy Toile Lighthouse Stencil is a fantastic maritime design and will add a sophisticated edge to your coastal inspired decorating schemes. Use as a pictorial accent on cushion covers and in wooden frames or on blanket boxes. The Toile Lighthouse Stencil is perfect on its own or used to emphasise details of the Coastal Toile Stencil.

4. Coastal Birds Stencil 1

Bring the seashore outdoors to your decorating schemes with Coastal Birds Stencil 1.  A beautifully detailed and easy to use 2 layer stencil of coastal birds depicting the striking Avocet, baby Sandpiper and flying Seagulls.

5. Coastal Birds Stencil 2

More birds of the seashore, Coastal Birds Stencil 2, captures a Sandpiper and baby Seagulls on weather worn breakers. Use this simple 2 layer stencil to create easy seaside style in monochromatic colour schemes.

6. Coastal Birds Border Stencil

The beautiful Coastal Birds Border Stencil, groups together standing and flying Seagulls, baby and adult Sandpipers and the strikingly graphic Avocet - all favourites of the British coastline.


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The Stencils

Each one of our designer stencils is unique to this website and designed and produced by Henny Donovan. Henny's stencil designs are based on closely observed, original drawings, or historical archives. All our pre-cut stencils are precision cut by laser on high quality, durable 125 micron mylar (semi-transparent polyester film). Suitable for repeated usage and gentle washing. Stencils are supplied with usage instructions to get you started. Each stencil design has its own page on this site, with inspiring photographs/graphics and full description, so you'll see how the design works and get some decorating ideas too. Stencil dimensions (up to .5 of a centimetre and 1/4 of an inch) are also given in the Specifications section to help with your decorative planning.

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