Textile Stripes

Set of three multi textured textile panels.

Price £200.00

Name: Textile Striped Panels

Price: £200.00 UK Pounds (Currency Converter)

Motif is pleased to introduce a series of Henny Donovan's original paintings, drawings, stencils, lino prints, and textile and gilded pieces for sale through this new online exhibition. Each piece/set is a one-off original.

Textile Striped Panels - 3 panels of stretched textiles displaying fabrics of differing textures and types. Can be displayed as a vertical or horizontal group.

The 3 panels include fabrics - corduroy, faux suede, faux leater, velvet, hessian - stretched in bands or stripes across wooden frames. Overall size of each square panel is 56cm (22") wide x 56cm (22") deep.


3 square textile panels size 56cm (22") wide x 56cm (22") deep, with textured fabrics stretched on 3 strong wooden frames made of 2"x2" timber. This construction allows each piece to be easily hung on wall screws or nails. 

To purchase this set

This one-off set of textile panels is available for purchase by UK and US customers. Sale is via direct bank transfer. The cost of this work is £200 UK pounds plus shipping for your destination. UK courier costs are approximately £60.00, US courier costs are around £150.00. Shipping costs are additional to the cost of the panels.

If you would like to purchase these three panels please fill out the form below and we will email you details for making payment and delivery information.

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Above - the three panels in this set of textile striped panels hung in a vertical group.

Above - the three panels of this set hung vertically in a relaxed contemporary living room setting.

Above - close up detail of one of the textile panels.