Bamboo & Butterfly Stencil

Price £10.00

Name: Bamboo and Butterfly Stencil

Price: £10.00 UK Pounds (Currency Converter)


The charming Bamboo and Butterfly Stencil is a beautiful small motif stencil of little butterflies around a spray of bamboo. Ideal for decorating smaller objects and accessories such as greeting cards, cushion covers, napkins, boxes or wide mirror frames or as a random motif on walls and fabrics. This simple oriental style Bamboo & Butterfly Stencil is also beautiful in gilded or metallic finishes for a Chinese look.  See size and layout specifications below.

Above top - the Bamboo & Butterfly Stencil in Grassland, Spring Vine, Eau de Nil, Blue Sage and Cerise, Very Berry and Allium Stencil Paints.

Above - the Bamboo & Butterfly Stencil repeated in staggered horizontal rows, stencilled in French Lavender and Forget-me-not Stencil Paints.

See also the Bamboo and Bird Stencil for a complementary pairing to this design.


One layer stencil approximately 21cm (8 1/4") wide x 20cm (8") high. 

Above - the layout of the Bamboo & Butterfly Stencil.

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Above - the Bamboo & Butterfly Stencil in Eucalyptus, Blue Sage, Emerald Forest, Persian Blue and French Lavender Stencil Paints. 

Above - the Bamboo & Butterfly Stencil in Eucalyptus, Blue Sage, Olive Grove, Hedgerow, Buttercup, Seville Orange, Flame Red and Allium Stencil Paints. 

Above - Bamboo & Butterfly repeated in staggered rows, stencilled in Storm, Blue Sage, Seagull and Navy Charcoal Stencil Paints.

Above - the Bamboo & Butterfly Stencil in Ice White Stencil Paint on a navy blue background.

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