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How to Stencil

See our useful and easy to follow online guide - How to Stencil - an excellently illustrated and simple guide to stencilling - everything you need to get you started. Other useful Guides.

Henny Donovan Books - Catalogue

Henny has written three books in recent years. We are no longer selling these books, but some retailers are selling them in the US and they are also available online in English and different languages through different online book retailers.

Create Your Own Wall Art

Henny's exciting and dynamic book about creating large wall art pieces.  Create Your Own Wall Art is an inspiring book with a wide appeal for artists, craftworkers, interior decorators, homeowners and anyone wanting to create their own original wall art for the home. The book includes step by step projects for oversize stencils, fabric printing, painting, drawing, collage, photography, mixed media and more. Many of the Motif stencils are featured in full step by step format in this book, so it makes a useful and inspiring companion if you are buying any of these stencil designs - these include Oversize Wild Rose Stencil, Bamboo and Moon Stencil, Giant Hogweed Stencil, Chinoiserie Stencils 1 and 2, Large Polka Dot Stencil, Large Agapanthus Stencil.

The Bathroom Book

Henny Donovan clearly illustrates how to use many of the Motif stencils in The Bathroom Book in innovative decorating schemes. The book also shows how to create beautiful limestone and calacatta marble paint effects, a Trompe L'Oeil mirror surround and vivid seascape mural. Some of the Motif stencils featured in this book include the Damask Repeat Stencilthe Simple Buckthorn Leaf Stencil, the Coastal Shells Theme Pack Stencil, the Mediterranean Floor stencil and the Coastal Birds Border Stencil

The Painted Kitchen

Now only available through individual retailers, not available through this website.  The Painted Kitchen  is a comprehensive decorating companion and guide for anyone wanting to redecorate their kitchen and achieve quality results or anyone simply keen to learn a complete range of decorative techniques.

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All of our stencils and products are now fully illustrated online in full colour with detailed information and specifications. Use the Stencil Gallery picture index on our Home Page and Stencil Range Page to link to all of our stencil pages for full information and to purchase.