Buckthorn Leaf Stencil

Striking leaf stencil - two oval shaped leaves
With negative and positive cut out shapes
Price £12.00

Name: Buckthorn Leaf Stencil

Price: £12.00 UK Pounds (Currency Converter)


Create simple, contemporary style with the Buckthorn Leaf Stencil, with its tapered oval leaf shapes, and distinctive leaf vein motif. Try spattering, spraying or stippling in the leaf shape, or stencilling the motif in painted rectangular background shapes. See size and layout specification below.

Above top and below - Buckthorn Stencil in gold spray paint, with veins in white and gold.

Above the Buckthorn Leaf Stencil in rows, stencilled in Woodland and Navy Charcoal Stencil Paints. 


Use in conjunction with the Leaf Border, the Ash Leaves Stencil and the Large Leaves Theme Pack for further variations. 


Two motifs - tapered leaf shape and second layer vein detail. Each motif is approximately 6cm (2 1/4") wide by 15.5cm (6 1/4") high. 

Above - the layout of the Buckthorn Leaf Stencil.

Above - the motifs of the Buckthorn Stencil in random off centre positions, stencilled in Olive Grove , Hedgerow, Woodland Stencil Paints.

Above - the leaf shapes of the Buckthorn Leaf Stencil with leaf vein detail in China Blue and Navy Charcoal Stencil Paints.

Above and below - the Buckthorn Leaf and Ash Leaves Stencils, stencilled in Lime Blossom, Spring Vine and Willow Stencil Paints on different coloured painted green background rectangles.

Above - the Buckthorn Leaf Stencil applied to ceramic tiles to create a beautiful splashback. The background around the leaves is created by spattering paint onto the tiles first and then over-stencilling with the leaf and vein shapes.