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Chinese Border & Corner Stencil

Small Chinese pattern border stencil
1 sheet stencil - price £12.00

Name: Chinese Border and Corner Stencil

Price: £12.00 UK Pounds (Currency Converter)


This compact Chinese Border and Corner Stencil is based on original 18th century Chinese key patterns. Perfect in jewel-like colours, muted tones or metallics. Use it to add a distinctive and charming flourish to walls, mirror frames and furniture.

This is our smallest border stencil - see size and layout specifications below.

Above top - close-up detail of the Chinese Border Stencil in Cerise and Indian Purple Stencil Paints.

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One layer border and corner stencil. Border section measuring approximately 22.5cm (9") wide by 3cm (1 1/4") deep. Corner stencil in 'L' shape measuring 11cm (4 1/2") by 11cm (4 1/2") by 3cm (1 1/4")

Above left - the border and corner section of this stencil.
Above right - the two sections of this stencil joined together.

Above and below - Chinese Border stencilled in Cerise and
Indian Purple Stencil Paints on a pale lilac background. 

Above - shows the Chinese Border and Corner Stencil turning neatly around an inside corner.

Above - close-up details of the Chinese Border Stencil in Oasis and Cyan Stencil Paints.