Coastal Birds Border Stencil

2 sheet intricate shoreline birds border stencil
Price £38.00

Name: Coastal Birds Border Stencil

Price: £38.00 UK Pounds (Currency Converter)


The Coastal Birds Border Stencil depicts beautiful shoreline, seaside birds - ideal for classy coastal decorating and seaside themed rooms. This 2 sheet border stencil depicts intricately observed sea birds - the striking Avocet, Sandpiper and both young and adult seagulls. See size specifications below.

This stencil lends itself equally well to monochrome colour palettes, as in our illustrations here, or to varied colour schemes. This design is great for contemporary New England decorating and will enhance any natural palette colour schemes.

Above top and below - the Coastal Birds Border Stencil is shown here in a contemporary bathroom setting. Stencilled in the simple tonal colours of Estuary Grey, Seagull and Navy Charcoal Stencil Paints.


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Two layer border stencil on fine mylar. One repeat measures up to 56cm (22") wide by 23cm (9") deep.

Above - shows the layout of the two stencil sheets of this border stencil - Layer 1 and Layer 2.

Above - shows how the two layers align together and repeat (three repeats shown here).

Above and below - the Coastal Birds Border is shown stencilled on a white painted strip on a pale grey wall. Stencilled in the monochrome palette of Estuary Grey, Seagull and Navy Charcoal Stencil Paint.

Above - single repeat section of the Coastal Birds Border Stencil. Shown in Estuary Grey, Seagull, Navy Charcoal and a little Jet Black Stencil Paint on an aqua coloured background.

Above - close up section of the Coastal Birds Border Stencil. Colours as above.

Above - the Coastal Birds Border Stencil is shown as a border stencil and with the different motifs of the stencil picked out and applied to a white washed cupboard for a classic New England look.

Above and below - the Coastal Birds Border Stencil stencilled in relief on a plaster mirror frame and over-stencilled with Coffee Bean, Mocha and Vanilla Stencil Paints.