Toile de Jouy Stencil
Countryside Toile Stencil

Detailed scenic all-over repeat stencil
With countryside character and pictorial motifs
1 large detailed sheet - price £98.00

Name: Countryside Toile Stencil

Price: £98.00 UK Pounds (Currency Converter)


Create stunning classic style with our Toile de Jouy Stencil - the Countryside Toile Stencil, based on the character of original Toile de Jouy wallpapers and fabrics. This beautifully detailed all-over repeat design, comprising 10 individual pictorial countryside motifs, is ideal for creating hand painted wallpaper effects or hand printing sumptuous fabrics for curtains, blinds and other linens. Very much in vogue - toile can be stencilled in classic reds and blues on white or ivory - or for a colour pop effect mix up bright colours together. See size and layout specifications below.

The authenticity of this design comes in its intricate detail, so like the original toile designs. Don't be fooled into buying simpler versions - they just don't look like an actual toile effect when stencilled onto your walls!

Above top and below - Countryside Toile stencilled in Strawberry Red and Raspberry Red Fabric Paints on curtains and cushions in south of France country style.

Above - fabrics look terrific decorated with this stencil - create a complete room transformation just by creating your own stylish curtains or fabric panels.


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Large one layer repeat stencil on 125 micron Mylar. Comprises 10 unique individual motifs combined in one design. Comes with easy to use registration dots for ease of repeat alignment, horizontally and vertically.

One repeat of this large design covers an approximate area of 88cm (34 1/2") high by 46cm (18") wide at its widest points.

Sheet size 60cm (23.5") wide x 97cm (38") tall.

Above - the layout of the Toile de Jouy Stencil Countryside Toile Stencil sheet. 

Above - Toile de Jouy Stencil Countryside Toile stencilled in Atlantic Blue Stencil Paint on an ivory background, in a simple, classic French style interior.

Above - the Toile de Jouy Stencil Countryside Toile creates an authentic toile look which is elegant an classic.

Above - Countryside Toile Stencil in Navy Charcoal Stencil Paint above wooden panelling in a New England style setting.

Above - shows one whole repeat of the Toile de Jouy Stencil Countryside Toile Stencil, plus repeating motifs around sides to show how the repeat works. This section is a close up of a curtain panel stencilled in Cobalt Blue Fabric Paint.

Above - modern interpretation on classic style!  Use a three-way bright colour palette to create this colour pop effect. 

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