High Quality Masking Tapes

New high quality 2 inch Cantech wide masking tape for multiple surfaces. Great for masking off stencils and for adhering to surfaces to be stencilled. Use for masking off edges of stencils to help protect surrounding areas or masking off areas within stencil to assist in picking out different stencil motifs.  Also economy Wide Low Tack Masking Tape - perfect for stencil jobs, masking off stencils and securing to surfaces.

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Cantech PaintPro Tape

2" wide green Cantech PaintPro brand high quality masking tape for multiple surfaces. Great for stencil work.

1 x roll 2" medium-tack tape




Low Tack Masking Tape

2" wide low tack economy masking tape. Excellent for masking off areas of stencils and delicate surfaces.

1 x roll 2" low-tack

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