Large Hibiscus Border Stencil


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The beautiful summer blooms of the exotic Hibiscus are captured perfectly in this new range of Hibiscus designs. The deep Hibiscus Border Stencil works well as a frieze at dado height on walls, or to decorate wooden floors, or to edge curtain drops.

Easy to use stencil with registration dots. See size and layout specifications below.

Above - close up section of the Hibiscus Border Stencil in Kingfisher and Cyan Stencil Paint (layer one) and Persian Blue Stencil Paint (layer two).

Also see the Hibiscus Stencil 2, as well as the Large Hibiscus & Dragonfly Stencil.


Two layer two sheet stencil with easy to use registration dots. The stencil comes as two repeats of the design, measuring up to 76cm (30") wide x 26cm (10") deep. The Hibiscus blooms measure up to 13cm (5") at widest points. Can be used in conjunction with the other Hibiscus Stencils in this range.

Above - layout of the Hibiscus Border Stencil. Stencil comes on two sheets.


Above - Hibiscus Border Stencil stencilled in Very Berry, AzaleaHedgerow, Woodland, Emerald Forest and Umber Charcoal Stencil Paints. Below - close up section of the border stencil in the same colours. 

Above - Hibiscus Border Stencil stencilled in Chinoiserie, Cyan, Indian Ocean, and Marine Green Stencil Paints. Below in Coffee Bean, Mocha and Agapanthus Stencil Paints.


Above - Hibiscus Border stencilled in Very Berry, Flame Red, Azalea and Agapanthus Stencil Paints. 

The illustrations above show the two repeats of the border included on the sheet supplied.