Little Iris Stencil

Charming small Iris stencil.
2 flowers on one sheet

Price £24.00

Name: Little Iris Stencil

Price: £24.00 UK Pounds (Currency Converter)


A beautifully versatile floral stencil - the charming Little Iris Stencil is based on Henny's detailed Bearded Iris drawings. Ideal for adding floral stencil touches to small accessories, linens and craft projects. Two single layer iris flowers on one small stencil sheet with shapely petals, stems and leaves. See size specifications below.

The Little Iris Stencil works beautifully in simple silhouette single colours or in lifelike palettes of blue, pink, purple, yellow and green.

Above and top - the Little Iris Stencil shown stencilled onto an A4 ivory coloured card (see Blank Greetings Cards for similar) in French Lavender, Indian Purple, Eucalyptus and Olive Grove Stencil Paints.

Above - Little Iris Stencil shown in Ice WhiteVerbena, Ash Green and Woodland Stencil Paints on an aqua coloured background.

Above - Little Iris Stencil shown in China Blue and Atlantic Blue Stencil Paint on a pale aqua background.

Above - Little Iris Stencil shown in Agapanthus, French LavenderHedgerow and Olive Grove Stencil Paints (stalks/leaves). Stencil paint.


Use Stencil Sponges for easy and clear stencilling of this motif.

Also see our larger Iris Stencil 1 and Iris Stencil 2 sold individually or at a reduced combined price as Iris Stencils 1 & 2


Little Iris Stencil. One layer stencil on one sheet of 125 micron Mylar.

Two small Iris designs on one sheet.
Iris on left of sheet 27cm/10.5". Iris on right up to 28cm/11".
Sheet size 31cm/12.25" x 21cm/8.25" wide.

Above - stencil sheet layout of the Little Iris Stencil.

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Above - The Little Iris Stencil adds pretty floral dynamism to this purple and white painted tray.

Above and top - purple and white tray stencilled in Agapanthus, Forget-me-not, Verbena and Ash Green Stencil Paints. Seal and protect with our Acrylic Eggshell or Matt Varnish.

Above - the Little Iris Stencil has been used to create this simple and beautifully elegant bolster cushion cover.

Above - stencilled simple silhouette style in our Pure White Fabric Paint - a beautiful edition to this bedroom.

Above - Little Iris Stencil shown in Buttercup and Harvest GoldOlive Grove, Grassland and Spring Vine Stencil Paints.

Above - Little Iris Stencil repeated in rows to create a floral pattern block. Shown in Vanilla Stencil paint on a taupe coloured background.

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