Large Angels Stencil

Beautiful angel design
2 sheet stencil - Price £20.00

Name:  Large Angels Stencil

Price: £20.00 UK Pounds


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The Large Christmas Angels stencil can be used to add a touch of festive luxury and quality to your seasonal decorations. It will also make a beautiful gift for someone special.

The Large Angels are beautiful in gold on paper for gift wrap, or on table covers for special meals, as well as on fabric for Christmas throws and attached to plain curtains, or as voile panels to add a little festive opulence to your Christmas decorations. This stencil also works beautifully on window panes and mirror glass in frosted finishes. Use this large design both as an individual single motif, or as a repeated pattern motif.

Above and below - the Large Angels stencilled in Ice White on deep blue and raspberry backgrounds.

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Use the Small Angels Stencil to complement this design.


The Large Christmas Angels stencil is a one layer stencil with a separate face detail layer. The main design measures approximately 41cm (16") tall by 30cm (12") at its widest points.

Above - layout of the Large Angels Stencil - the eye and face details come on a small separate sheet.

Above - the Large Angels stencilled in Chocolat, Cinnamon and Seville Orange Stencil Paints on quality parchment paper.

Above - close up details of the Large Angels stencilled in Harvest Gold and Cinnamon Stencil Paints.


Above - the Large Angels stencil in Indian Ocean and Storm Stencil Paints (left) and in Harvest Gold and Coffee Bean 
Stencil Paints (right).

Above - the Angels are used to create luxurious wrapping paper and gift cards. Tissue wrapping paper stencilled in Latte Stencil Paint over-stencilled with Antique Gold Metallic Stencil paint. Gift card stencilled with Antique Gold Metallic Stencil Paint. 

Angel Curtains Candle Light
Above - the Angels are used to create a table cover for a festive candlelit dinner and a curtain panel Gold Fabric Paint.