Large Letters Theme Pack Stencil

7 sheet stencil - all lower case letters 
Price £58.00

Name: Large Letters Theme Pack Stencil

Price: £58.00 UK Pounds (Currency Converter)


The Large Letters Theme Pack Stencil is a simple stencil design of oversize lower case letters (with no capitals) - very much in demand for the trend for lettering and calligraphy decoration. The Large Letters Theme Pack Stencil comprises the whole aphabet, letters a - z, in a simple clear script designed to adapt to both classic and contemporary schemes. The letters are up to 14cm (5 1/2") at their tallest point and laid out groups of four on 7 sheets - see specifications below.  They are the same scale as the Large Capitals Theme Pack, so both sets can be used together. Specifications below.

Above top - the Large Letters Theme Pack stencilled in Sea Green Stencil Paint on a mint green background.

Use this stencil in a multitude of colour combinations. Stencil letters in either single colours on bright, light, dark or neutral backgrounds or in multi-colour palettes for splashes of colour. Use white on dark and classic colours for impressive and traditional styles, or bright fun colours or pastel shades for childrens' rooms and nurseries. You can also 'shadow' stencil this design effectively by first stencilling in one colour and then moving the stencil to the right slightly and over-stencilling in a contrasting shade or metallic shade.

This theme pack also looks stunning stencilled as a calligraphy mural by simply positioning the letters closely together and overlapping in a random style - see our examples right. Stencil your calligraphy mural either in bright multi-coloured palettes or sophisticated single colour schemes.

Stencil with a stencil roller or stencil sponges.

Use in conjunction with the Large Capital Letters Theme Pack.  For smaller letters use our Small Alphabet Stencil.  See also the Large Numbers and Small Numbers Stencil.


Theme Pack comprising 7 sheet single layer stencils of lower case letters a - z.  The height of each letter is up to 14cm (5 1/2") tall at highest points.  Each sheet contains 4 letters (with 2 letters on the y-z sheet) and the sheet size is approximately 40cm (16") square. 

Below - the 7 sheets of this theme pack. 

Above - Large Letters in Arctic Grey Stencil Paint on a duck egg background.

Above - Large Letters 'shadow' stencilled in Ice White and over-stencilled in Estuary Grey Stencil Paints on a dark grey background.  

Above - Large Letters stencilled as a calligraphy mural in a multi-coloured range of different Stencil Paint shades (for specific list of colours used above see bottom right of page). 

Above - Large Letters in Shoreline Stencil Paint over-stencilled in Silver Lights and Pearl Metallic Stencil Paints on a duck egg background.

Multi-coloured calligraphy mural colour list
For your reference the multi-coloured calligraphy mural above uses Stencil Paints from the Motif range. These are: a- Cerise, b- Eau-de-Nil, c- Sesame, d- French Lavender, e- Campanula, f- Agapanthus, g- Spa, h- Seville Orange, i- Indian Ocean, j- Ash Green, k- Kingfisher, l- Oasis, m- Harvest Gold, n- Cyan, 0- Evening Primrose, p- Very Berry, q- Bengal Rose, r- Forget-me-not, s- Duck Egg, t- Indian Purple, u- Buttercup, v- Morning Glory, w- Atlantic Blue, x- Verbena, y- Raspberry, z- Grape.