Large Pussy Willow Stencil

Made to Order Stencil
Beautiful botanical stencil design
2 sheet delicate stencil - price £80.00

Name: Large Pussy Willow Stencil MTO

Price: £80.00 UK Pounds (Currency Converter)



The Large Pussy Willow Stencil is now a made to order item only available through pre-order. To pre-order this stencil pay and order online as usual. We will then cut the stencil for you in our next stock cut and despatch to you as soon as your order is ready.  This process can take up to 28 days. Order confirmation will be emailed to you on receipt of order payment and despatch confirmation will be emailed when your stencil is ready. Please be aware Made to Order stencils are non returnable.

The Large Pussy Willow Stencil captures the soft rounded pussy willow heads as they come into bud, adding that magic touch to the twigs and branches they grace. This intricate, beautiful stencil will make an original and elegant decorative statement on walls and fabrics and particularly appropriate for feature walls and alcoves where you want to 'grow' a design tailored to fit your space exactly.

The Large Pussy Willow Stencil is a two sheet single layer stencil comprising six intricate twigs of pussy willow - see size and layout specifications below. This design can be used 'growing' upwards or hanging down, depending on your preference.

Stencil in tones of brown, silver, grey, or in muted close-toned palettes for a sophisticated feel, or pastel colours for an oriental effect. Or create striking style with light 'silhouette' colours on darker or strongly coloured contrasting backgrounds. 

Above top - the different twig motifs of the Large Pussy Willow Stencil arranged to 'grow' vertically on a black background, stencilled in Grassland and Evening Primrose, left and in Ice White, right. 

Above - the six different twig motifs of the Large Pussy Willow Stencil repeated in tall vertical groups. Above left - on a pale yellow to off-white graduated background in Latte and Grassland Stencil Paints. Above right - on a pale blue background in Arctic Grey and Eucalyptus Stencil Paints. (See bottom right for graduated techniques).


Use our Stencil Rollers and Stencil Sponges for ease of application.


This two sheet one layer stencil is made of 125 micron mylar. There are six different sized intricate twigs in this stencil, which can be repeated to extend the design to any desired length. Also comes with instructions.

Sheet 1 contains the largest twig, which is approximately 82cm (32 1/4") tall and is 21cm (8 1/4") across at widest points and the second largest twig, which is appproximately 71cm (28") tall and 17cm (6 3/4") wide. Sheet size 89cm (35") deep x 60cm (23 3/4") wide. 
Sheet 2 contains four twig motifs. The largest is approximately 71cm (28") and 13cm (5") across at widest points. The next is 64cm (25") tall x 6.5cm (2 1/2") across. The two small twigs are 29cm (11 1/2") and 20cm (8") tall. Sheet size 80cm (31") deep x 48cm (19") wide. 

Above - the layout of the two sheets of the Large Pussy Willow Stencil, showing the six different sized twig motifs.

Above - the six different twig motifs of the Large Pussy Willow Stencil on a pale pink background, stencilled in Raspberry and Chocolat Stencil Paints. This example shows how the design can be 'grown' upwards, repeating the twigs in different arrangements.

Above - the different twig motifs of the Large Pussy Willow Stencil on an apricot to off-white graduated background to give an oriental feel. Stencilled in Coffee Bean and Latte Stencil Paints (see graduated techniques below).

Above - the different twig motifs of the Large Pussy Willow Stencil on a pale green to white graduated background, stencilled in Woodland and Ash Green Stencil Paint (see graduated techniques below). 

Above - the different twig motifs of the Large Pussy Willow Stencil. Above left - on an apricot to pale cream graduated background in Chocolat and Alba Rose Stencil Paints. Above right - on a lilac background, stencilled in French Lavender and Forget-me-not Stencil Paints.

 Graduated Painted Background Technique
Very effective with starry stencils a graduated painted background can be achieved by using two similar tones of emulsion paint (latex) and a tinted varnish glaze over the top. This technique will not work with radically different colours - keep the tones similar so mixing is easier. Mix a third of each colour together to create a mid-tone colour and paint the wall in horizontal bands dark to light, brushing the colours lightly over each other at the joining bands to create as softer join as possible. Keep strokes long, smooth and horizontal. Mix a varnish glaze using 2/3rd Acrylic Matt Varnish, 1/3rd Acrylic Scumble Glaze. Add a little water if the glaze is much thicker than the consistency of double cream. Tint the glaze with several drops of Universal Tinter to create a transparent glaze a couple of shades deeper than the middle tone of your painted wall. Brush the glaze over the wall and soften in long smooth strokes using a soft paint brush.