Leaf Border Stencil

Simple two layer leaf border stencil
2 sheet stencil - price £15.00

Name:  Leaf Border Stencil

Price: £15.00 UK Pounds (Currency Converter)


Use the clean, simple lines of the Leaf Border Stencil, with its delicate tapered oval leaves, to create a modern and fresh look. Ideal for a wide range of surfaces - try on walls, fabric for curtains, drapes and cushion covers, furniture, picture frames and home accessories. Use as a single row border or repeat in blocks for contemporary style. See size and layout specifications below.

Above top - the Leaf Border Stencil repeated in regular horizontal rows to create a deep block of pattern. Row one - Spring Vine and Hedgerow Stencil Paints; row two - Verbena and Woodland Stencil Paints; row three - Oasis and Woodland Stencil Paints; row four - Hedgerow and Woodland Stencil Paints.

Above - the Leaf Border Stencil repeated in regular horizontal rows to create a continuous pattern effect. Stencilled in Spearmint and Emerald Forest Stencil Paints on a chalky green background.

Use in conjunction with the Buckthorn Leaf Stencil and the Ash Leaves Stencil and our Large Leaves Theme Pack Stencil.


Two layer stencil with registration dots. Border has eight leaves.
Leaf border is approximately 37cm (14 3/4") wide by 7cm (2 3/4") deep.
Each Leaf being 7cm (2 3/4") tall.
Sheet size 50cm (19 3/4") wide x 20cm (8") deep.

Above - layout of the two stencil sheets of the Leaf Border Stencil.

Above - the two layers of the Leaf Border Stencil
in Hedgerow and Woodland Stencil Paint.

Above and below - the Leaf Border Stencil on a kitchen wall applied to a plain painted band of colour, slightly lighter than the original wall colour - stencilled in Eucalyptus and Agapanthus Stencil Paints (lightly blushed around the edges of the layer one leaf shapes) and Emerald Forest Stencil paint (layer two veins).

Kitchen Set  Border Close Up

Above - close up detail of the graceful Leaf Border Stencil.

Above - the Leaf Border stencilled on a mirro frame in Verbena and Woodland Stencil Paint with Antique Gold Metallic Stencil Paint highlights on a paint spattered background. Seen above tiles decorated with the Buckthorn Leaf Stencil