Mosaic Border & Corner Stencil

3 sheet stencil


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The Mosaic Border and Corner Stencil emulates the look of real mosaic - its wavy design giving a sense of movement, which works in both contemporary and classical decorative schemes. Great in warm terracottas or cool blues and greys, or bright primary colours.

Above - the Mosaic Border & Corner Stencil in Pineapple, Harvest Gold, Mandarin and Butterscotch Stencil Paints. Stencilled with the Mosaic Floor Stencil

Above - the Mosaic Border & Corner Stencil in Raspberry Stencil Paint on a white background - for a crisp and graphic look.

Use in conjunction with the Mosaic Floor Stencil for a complete look.


One layer border and corner stencil on three sheets with registration dots. Border approximately 42cm (16 1/2") wide by 18cm (7") deep. Corner motif in two sections up to approximately 37cm (14 1/2") by 18cm (7") deep.

Above - the layout of the three sheets of this stencil.

Above and below - the Mosaic Border & Corner Stencil in Persian Blue, China Blue, Indian Ocean and Cinnamon with highlights in Antique Gold and Copper Metallic Stencil Paints. Below - shows the corner of the floor the mosaic is stencilled onto - stencilled with the Mosaic Floor Stencil over a whole floor area.

Above - the Mosaic Border & Corner Stencil in Cyan, Cirrus, Morning Glory and Persian Blue Stencil Paints for a classic look. 

Above - the Mosaic Border & Corner Stencil in China Blue Stencil Paint on a white painted surface - great for both walls and floors. 

Above - the Mosaic Border and Corner Stencil Estuary Grey Stencil Paint on a dark blue background.