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Mosaic Floor Stencil

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Name: Mosaic Floor Stencil Sale

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The Mosaic Floor Stencil is based on traditional, classic scallop mosaic.  Our Mosaic Floor stencil will allow you to create the look of an authentic mosaic floor at a fraction of the cost of the real thing! Ideal for floors and walls in hallways, dining areas, bathrooms and conservatories. Blues, greys, greens, taupe and natural tones will further emphasise the classical Greek look, whilst using bright and contrasting coloured palettes create more contemporary schemes.

This stencil is also available as the Large Scallop Mosaic Stencil, the same design, but with the scallop section of the design repeated and on a slightly larger scale - particularly useful for stencilling larger areas.

Use in conjunction with the Mosaic Border and Corner Stencil.


Stencilling Tip
A good tip for stencilling this floor stencil for the types of colour schemes shown, is to stencil the whole of each section with a Stencil Roller in your lightest shade (such as Cirrus or Duck Egg for pictures shown) and then once dry and before removing the stencil, use Stencil Sponges to add the other colours on top, building up opacity as required.  A hairdryer can also be a useful tool when working on large areas.


One layer stencil in three sections on three separate sheets of 150 Mylar (see illustration right): 

Half-moon/semi-circular mosaic motif up to 36m (14") wide by 17cm (6.75") high.
Full scallop mosaic motif up to 34cm (13.25") wide x 23cm (9") high.
Half scallop mosaic section up to 17cm (6.75") wide x 23cm (9") high.

Wall Stencils Mosaic Floor Stencil Interior Design Close Up

Above, left and right - Mosaic Floor motif stencilled in Morning Glory, Cyan, Cirrus  and Storm Stencil Paints, with Copper Hue Metallic Stencil Paint.

Above - Mosaic Floor Stencil in Persian Blue,  China BLue, Indian Ocean and Duck Egg Stencil Paints

Above - the three separate stencil
sections of the Mosaic Floor Stencil pack