Oversize Christmas Tree Stencil

Impressive large Christmas Tree Stencil
1 sheet large stencil - price £35.00

Name: Oversize Christmas Tree Stencil

Price: £35.00 UK Pounds (Currency Converter)


The Oversize Christmas Tree Stencil is ideal for creating Christmas wall decorations with a little impact or for large table cloths or for brilliant frosted window and mirror displays.

This stencil works well in both pale colours on darker bases, such as Ice White, Pearl and Silver Lights with Rainbow Glitter Paint highlights, or in icy pastel shades on lighter backgrounds for a wintery feel. Or try stencilling with Antique Gold metallic stencil paint with Gold Stardust highlights and Very Berry Stencil Paint ball-balls for a festive look. 

For mirror glass and windows use spray frosting or etching paint which is widely available in craft shops and DIY stores. When spraying in any colour protect surrounding areas. 


One layer stencil on one large sheet, as shown above.

Tree dimensions 79cm (31") tall x 39cm (15 1/4") wide.

Sheet size 90cm (35 1/2") x 53cm (21"). 



  Above - Oversize Christmas Tree Stencil in Emerald Forest Stencil Paint on an aqua coloured background.


Above - Oversize Christmas Tree Stencil left - in Forget-me-not, Plum Blossom and China Blue Stencil Paints with  Rainbow Glitter Paint highlights; right - in Woodland, Verbena and Spring Vine Stencil Paint with Gold Glitter Paint.  


Above - Oversize Christmas Tree Stencil. Left - in Woodland, Verbena and China Blue Stencil Paint.  Right in Ice White Stencil Paint.