Small Numbers Stencil

1 sheet theme pack stencil
Price £14.00

Name: Small Numbers Stencil

Price: £14.00 UK Pounds


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Simple and effective and always in demand - this simple numbers stencil will fulfill a host of different functions, in a modernised classic style, making it suitabe for both traditional and contemporary settings. 

Ideal for all decorative needs and very useful for organisation and administrative notation!

The Small Numbers Stencil comprises numbers 1 to 10 in a simple clear style.  The numbers are each 6.5cm (2 1/2") tall and laid out in two rows on one sheet - see specifications below.

The Small Numbers Stencil can be used in whichever colour scheme required and will work well either stencilled in multi-coloured palettes or single colours.

See right for some of the colour possibilities you can choose from and links to our Stencil Paints and Fabric Paints, so you can reproduce these colour sequences should you choose.  Other colour choices, not illustrated here, could be navy on white, black on white and classic white on primary colours - red, yellow or blue.

Stencil with a Stencil Roller or Stencil Sponges, using Stencil Paints or Fabric Paints.

See also our Large Numbers Theme Pack Stencil and the Small Alphabet and Large Capital Letters Theme Pack Stencil.


The numbers 1 - 10 are arranged in two rows on a single sheet measuring 45cm (17 3/4") wide x 24cm (9 1/2") deep.  Each letter is 6.5cm (2 1/2") tall. 


Above - Small Numbers Stencil. Left - stencilled in Ice White on a classic navy background. Right - in Very Berry, Seville Orange, Buttercup, Evening Primrose, Verbena, Emerald Forest, Cyan, Persian Blue, French Lavender and Agapanthus Stencil Paints.
Above - Small Numbers Stencil. Left in Vanilla Stencil Paint on a buff coloured background. Right - in Shoreline and Nougat Stencil Paints on a pale stone coloured background.    

Above - Small Numbers stencilled in Cerise and Blue Sage Stencil Paints. This layout shows how they are arranged on the stencil sheet.