Stencil Cutting Equipment - Cut your own Stencils!

Choose from this selection of useful equipment for cutting and creating your own stencil designs. Scalpel Handles and Scalpel Blades for fine detailed cutting with good control and accuracy. Self-healing Cutting Mats provide an excellent surface to cut on, protecting work benches and table tops. And for the stencil itself blank Mylar (polyester film) for hand cutting stencil designs - available in three sizes.

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Scalpel Blades

High quality Swann Morton steel surgical blades for use with surgical handle. Excellent shape/size for precision stencil cutting.

1 pack of 5 x No 11 blades




Scalpel Handle

Quality No 3 Swann Morton stainless steel surgical scalpel handle for use with scalpel blades. Excellent for precision stencil cutting.

1 x No 3 surgical handle




A3 Cutting Mat Out of Stock

A3 Self-healing, sturdy rubber, cutting mat. Makes an excellent safe and secure base for hand-cutting stencils with sharp blades.

1 x 45cm/17 3/4" x

£0.00 Out of stock



Small Blank Mylar

2 sheets semi-transparent 125 micron blank mylar for cutting stencil designs.

2 x 30cm/12"square




Medium Blank Mylar

2 sheets of semi-transaprent 125 micron blank mylar for cutting stencil designs.

2 x 50cm/19 3/4" x 30cm/12 3/4" large mylar sheets




Large Blank Mylar

1 sheet of semi-transparent 125 micron blank mylar for cutting extra large stencil designs.

1 x 70cm/27 1/2" x 60cm/23 3/4" large sheet.

£0.00 Out of stock




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