Cherry Border & Corner Stencil

2 sheet stencil - Price £18.00


Name:  Sweet Cherry Border and Corner Stencil

Price: £18.00 UK Pounds (Currency Converter)


The Cherry Border and Corner Stencil works as both a contemporary and classical style border.  It looks fantastic stencilled in natural reds and green cherry colours, as well as metallic colours and single colour schemes for a contemporary look. This pack comprises a main border section, a single repeat border section (ideal for stencilling small or adjoining sections), a cluster corner section and a rounded corner section. This gives a wide range of possibilities for both border and motif work.

Use in conjunction with the Sweet Cherries Theme pack. See also the new contemporary Oversize Cherry Border Stencil - a larger scale version of this design.


The pack comprises 4 single layer sections. Main Border section approximately 38cm (15") wide x 10cm (4") high at widest points. Single border repeat 15cm (6") x 10cm (4") high. Cluster corner section 15cm (6") x 15cm (6"). Rounded corner section 16cm (6 1/4") x 13cm (5") at widest points. All sections interlock with each other and the pack comes with easy to use registration dots and full usage instructions. 

Above - the sections of this border and corner pack: the main border section; single repeat border section; the cluster corner section; the rounded corner section.

Above - Cherry Border. Below - Border and cluster corner sections. All stencilled in Very Berry and Hedgerow Stencil Paints.

Below -  cluster corner section

Below - rounded corner section