Stencil Equipment

A fantastic selection of essential stencil equipment. High density foam Stencil Sponges – an easy to use alternative to brushes, use less paint and minimise bleeding. Simply dip the sponge into stencil paint, dab off excess and smooth over your stencil – gives professional results, with more control for intricate stencilling. Or try our innovative Stencil Rollers – great for stencilling larger areas or single colour stencilling. Or use our specially made Deluxe Stencil Brushes with domed natural bristle heads for soft stencilling and highly professional results.  Also standard Stencil Brushes for stencilling, spattering fine effects or creating textured finishes – and our little 1/4″ brush for detailed stencil jobs. Organise your paints in our 7 well Flower Palette. Use our high quality masking tape for working with and masking off stencil areas. And our Kolinsky Sable Artist’s Sable Brushes for fine work and adding intricate detail to stencil work.

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  • stencil_sponge_1

    Stencil Sponges

    Stencil sponges for stencilling onto fabric, painted or wooden surfaces. For easy, quick and professional stencilling.
    9 pieces 2″x2″x1

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  • stencil_roller_ib1

    Stencil Roller

    Stencil roller with 5″ handle and 2 high density foam 2″ roller heads. Excellent for large stencil jobs and delicate single colour work.
    1 roller and 2 x 2″ heads

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  • deluxe-brush-set-p2

    Deluxe Brush Set

    Deluxe high quality brush set with domed natural bristle heads. 3 brushes size 1″, 3/4″ and 1/2″ diameter at metal ferrule. Great for soft stencil work.
    3 x domed bristle brushes

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  • stencil-brush-5-8-inch

    Stencil Brush – 5/8 inch

    Standard natural bristle stencil brush for stencilling. Great for stippling and spattering.
    1 x 5/8″ bristle stencil brush

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  • stencil-brush-1-inch

    Stencil Brush – 1inch

    Standard natural bristle stencil brush for stencilling. Great for stippling and spattering.
    1 x 1″ bristle stencil brush

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  • stencil-brush-1-4-inch

    Stencil Brush – 1/4 inch

    Small standard natural bristle stencil brush for small detailed stencilling, stippling and spattering.
    1 x 1/4″ bristle stencil brush

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  • deluxe-maxi-brush-p4

    Maxi Deluxe Stencil Brush

    Maxi sized deluxe high quality brush with domed natural bristle head. Size 1 and 1/2″ diameter at metal ferrule. For soft stencil work and ‘blushing’ effects on larger areas.
    1 x 1 1/2″ large domed stencil brush

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  • sable-brush-set

    Artist’s Sable Brush Set

    High quality Kolinsky Sable Brushes Series 66. Small No 3 and medium No 6 for watercolour and fine detail work.
    1 x No 3 Sable, 1 x No 6 Sable

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  • daisy-paint-palette

    Divided Flower Palette

    Smooth, empty plastic palette for all water-based paints, ideal for multi-coloured stencil projects.
    1 x 17.5cm (7″) diameter palette

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  • cantech-tape-p1

    Cantech PaintPro Tape

    2″ wide green Cantech PaintPro brand high quality masking tape for multiple surfaces. Great for stencil work.
    1 x roll 2″ medium-tack tape

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  • wide_low_tack_ib1

    Low Tack Masking Tape

    2″ wide low tack economy masking tape. Excellent for masking off areas of stencils and delicate surfaces.
    1 x roll 2″ low-tack

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